e-attendance System

From seamless clock-ins to comprehensive reporting, our system is your key to simplified attendance tracking.

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Digitization of Time Attendance System

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Accessing own attendance

Real-time access to own attendance, overtime, and lateness records. Foster transparency and accountability as your team takes control of their time management effortlessly.

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Manage duty roster

Manage duty rosters and oversee employee attendance. Enhance coordination while retaining control over scheduling, leading to a more productive and organized team.

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Human Resources

Real time attendance  

Experience real-time attendance management. Effortlessly oversee and navigate through attendance records as you streamline your HR processes for optimal efficiency.


Discover Our E-Attendance System

unlimited schedule

Unlimited Schedule

Say goodbye to constraints and embrace any working hours

approval view

Approval Management

Plan subordinates’ duty roster and accessing their attendance 

duty roster

Unlimited Duty Roster

Time management made easy for a dynamic shift  workforce.

attendance summary

Attendance Summary

Simplify HR attendance task,  with attendance summaries

ot request

OT Request

Employees to request overtime responsibly preventing misuse.

attendance sheet

Attendance Sheet

Effortlessly access attendance sheets, streamlining data processing

employee view

Employee Access

Allowing employees to effortlessly access their own attendance records.

time card

Time Card

Access to employee monthly time cards, simplifying payroll processing 


Explore our E-Attendance System in Detail

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  • Face Recognition
  • Fingerprint
  • MiFare Card Access
  • Door Access
  • Time Attendance

User Friendly

Real Time

Access real-time attendance records seamlessly across multiple branches. Streamline your workforce management with a comprehensive and unified view for enhanced efficiency.

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Data Insights

User Movement

Utilize our e-attendance and door access system to generate comprehensive staff movement reports. Seamlessly integrate these insights to optimize security measures enhancing operational efficiency.


Audit Trail

Leverage our system’s audit trail feature for thorough monitoring of any amendments or manual additions to ensure accuracy. Providing a transparent and accountable record of all modifications.

e-attendance audit trail
e-attendance cost effective



Experience cost-effective e-attendance solutions tailored for the Malaysian market. Our system offers efficient time tracking with a budget-friendly and reliable option for attendance management.


Seamlessly Integrate With On-Premises Software

e-Attendance Best Malaysia Time Attendance System Software

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are constantly seeking efficient and reliable solutions to manage their workforce. One such solution gaining popularity is the e-Attendance Best Malaysia Time Attendance System Software. This cutting-edge software not only simplifies the process of tracking employee attendance but also revolutionizes the way businesses manage their workforce.

The Malaysia Time Attendance System offered by e-Attendance is equipped with advanced features that ensure accurate and secure attendance tracking. With options such as door access control, biometric authentication including face recognition and fingerprint scanning, businesses can rest assured that only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas.

One of the key advantages of this online time attendance software is its convenience and accessibility. Gone are the days of manual attendance registers or cumbersome spreadsheets. With e-Attendance, businesses can easily monitor and track employee attendance from anywhere, at any time. This cloud-based system allows for seamless integration with existing HR systems, making it a hassle-free solution for companies of all sizes.

Beyond accurate time tracking, e-Attendance’s Malaysia Time Attendance System offers a range of additional features to enhance workforce management. Detailed reports on employee attendance patterns can be generated effortlessly, providing valuable insights for better decision-making processes.

e-Attendance’s Best Malaysia Time Attendance System Software provides a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking an efficient and reliable way to manage employee attendance. With its advanced biometric authentication capabilities and user-friendly interface, this software sets a new standard in workforce management technology in Malaysia provided by PC Mart.


Advantages of Opting Our E-Attendance System


Real Time Monitoring of Data


Cost Savings








Employee Empowerment




Enhance Work Efficiency

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