e-claim Management System

Streamline the process of submitting, tracking your claims, reducing paperwork, and get your claims processed efficiently.

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Digitization of Claim Management System

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Submit and Monitor Claim Requests

Empower your employees with the ease of e-claim submission! Our user-friendly platform simplifies the process, ensuring quick and hassle-free reimbursement for their benefits.

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Approve and Apply on Behalf

Easy to manage and authorize claims, putting you in control with just a click. Experience the simplicity of approval, maximizing the benefits for both you and your employees.

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Effortless E-Claim Management 

Experience the ease of managing expenses, ensuring a smooth and efficient process that puts you in control. Your financial management just got a whole lot simpler!


Discover Our Online Claim Management System


Unlimited Claim Type

Empower your system by creating Unlimited Claim Types! 


PDF and Excel

Seamlessly export reports to both PDF and Excel formats.


Monthly and Yearly limit

Set monthly and yearly claim thresholds by employee category!

email notification

Email Notification

Email Notification for claim submission, approved or rejected.

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Unlimited Claim Field

Creating Unlimited e-Claim Fields for each claim type!

upload documents

Upload attachment

Our e-claim system allows to attach supporting documents

2 level approval

2 level of Approvals

Experience a two-tiered efficiency in the approval process!

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Claim Audit Trial

Providing transparency and accountability in every adjustment 


Explore our E-Claim System in Detail

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Mobile friendly

Paperless Claim 

Experience the convenience of effortlessly uploading your supporting documents. Say goodbye to paperwork hassles and hello to a simplified way of managing your claims. Your e-claim journey starts here!

User Friendly

e-Claim Dashboard

Navigate through your claims effortlessly with our intuitive system. Gain real-time insights, track approvals, and manage your benefits seamlessly, all from one centralized dashboard.

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Data Insights

Unlimited Claim Type

Say goodbye to constraints and hello to the flexibility of customizing your claims like never before. Explore the freedom of unlimited choices in managing your diverse e-claims efficiently!

Configuration Options

Monthly and Yearly limits

Tailor your benefits management by setting thresholds that align with the unique needs of employee category. Efficiently manage claims, category by category, for a tailored and budget-conscious solution.

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e-claim Audit

Our system goes beyond just processing changes—it meticulously records each adjustment, creating a transparent and traceable audit trail. Your journey to precision starts with our detailed e-claim audit trail.


Advantages of Opting Our E-Claim System


Efficiency in Entire Claims Process


Eliminate Human Errors


Accessibility Claims Anytime, Anywhere


Cost-Effective Cut Down on Paper


Real-time Tracking


Tailor The System to Your Needs


Safeguard Sensitive Data with OTP


Collaboration in Managing Claims

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