Embracing HR Digitization

Paperless Revolution that Fuels Productivity and Cuts Costs with our integrated E-Leave, E-Claim, E-Payslip, and E-Attendance solutions.

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Our Cloud Empowerment Suite

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Simplify, Submit, and Stay on Top of Your Work-Life Balance with Our E-Leave

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Navigate the Future of Reimbursements with Our E-Claim System

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Instant, Secure, and Convenient e-Payslips at Your Fingertips

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Accurate, and Effortless Tracking for a Productive Tomorrow

Transform360: Your Complete Digitization Solution

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Embrace the Paperless Revolution!

Position your business for the digital age. A paperless office is not just a modern convenience; it’s a strategic move toward future-proofing your operations.

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Productivity Unleashed!

Experience a surge in efficiency and workflow optimization with our cutting-edge online system. Empower your team, streamline processes, and elevate your business to new heights!

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Anywhere, Anytime Access

Real-time Collaboration!

Break free from location constraints. Access your work from anywhere with an internet connection, promoting flexibility and enabling your team to stay productive on the go.

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Embrace Digitization in a Rapidly Evolving World

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Our cloud solution scales seamlessly with your business, adapting to your evolving needs effortlessly. Whether you have 10 employees or 1,000, our system ensures a smooth and scalable experience.

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Break down silos and enhance team collaboration. Our cloud-based system facilitates real-time collaboration, ensuring that your team stays connected and works together seamlessly.

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Our cloud system is not one-size-fits-all. Enjoy the flexibility of customization, allowing you to adapt the solution to match your unique workflows, policies, and business requirements.

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Harness the power of data analytics. Our cloud-based solution provides valuable insights into leave patterns, expense trends, and attendance data, empowering you to make informed strategic decisions.

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Stay ahead of the curve with continuous updates and advancements, ensuring that your digitization investment remains relevant and effective for years to come.

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Our cloud solution is designed with compliance in mind. Rest assured that your E-Leave, E-Claim, and E-Attendance processes adhere to industry regulations, mitigating risks and ensuring peace of mind.

Seamless Synergy

Elevate Efficiency with On-Premise Integration

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Malaysia leading

UBS Payroll Software

Where Precision Meets Simplicity. Discover a payroll solution that goes beyond numbers—effortlessly managing your workforce’s compensation while ensuring accuracy, compliance, and peace of mind. Streamline your payroll processes with UBS, your trusted partner in payroll excellence.

Malaysia Leading

Fingertec Attendance System

Step into the Future of Workforce Management with FingerTec Attendance System. Revolutionize the way you track time, enhance accuracy, and boost productivity. Explore our cutting-edge technology designed to streamline attendance management and elevate your workplace efficiency.

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Cloud Advantage

Unlocking Benefits That Set Our Solution Apart

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Cost Effective

Our commitment to efficiency and affordability ensures that managing your cloud solution is not only seamless but also a smart investment from as low as RM 71 per month (50 employees)

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Rapid Deployment

Our solution ensures your processes are up and running in shortest time. Experience the ease of implementation and embrace a new era of e-leave, e-claim and e-attendance management with us.

accelerating outcomes

Accelerating Outcomes

Accelerate your outcomes with our cutting-edge solutions, ensuring swift and efficient results for all your leave, claim and attendance needs. Witness an accelerated return on investment.

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