UBS Accounting Software

Accounting operations into one central place, making you more efficient, more in control, and giving you real-time visibility and insight across your entire organization.

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Modern Dashboard: A Fresh New Look


Create your personalized dashboard view for UBS software user


Get a bigger picture of your business with 6 reports at a time


Control access to your widgets and customize your dashboard layout 


Get more information when you expand your widget charts 


Effortlessly export to Microsoft Excel to further analyse your data


What’s in UBS Accounting Software?

Account Receivable

Bank Reconciliation

Unlimited Companies

Account Payable

PV and OR

Manufacturing Account

General ladger

Project & Job

Fixed Asset Register

Sale billing

Multi currencies

GST, SST, E-Invoice

A financial management platform built to aid growth

Our financial management software is rich in functionality, delivering a full suite of financial management modules and core accounting functionality. The modular design means you can build an integrated financial system, capable of managing the unique needs of your organisation – today and in the future.

Move a smarter, more integrated financial

Your business relies on multiple software for different teams in your organization, from your accounts and inventory management to people payroll. Instead of working in isolation, choose a solution that goes beyond just accounting.

What’s in Access UBS Accounting Software?

UBS accounting software can be integrated with other modules such as UBS Inventory SoftwareUBS PayrollPoint of Sale (POS), and Building Services & Maintenance Management so you don’t have duplicate entries.

  • Account Receivable (AR)
  • Account Payable (AP)
  • General Ledger (GL)
  • Fixed Assets
  • Sales (Invoice, DO, CN, DN)
  • Purchase (Invoice, GRN, CN, DN)

Comprehensive functionality, simplified usability

With our simplified and modern user interface, transform complex, critical financial reports into easily understood data through the Report Centre for Accounting, Inventory, and Billing.

UBS Accounting Preview

It’s time to start a new chapter with Access UBS now. Access UBS has worked tirelessly to create a newer and better Access UBS with your feedback in mind.

UBS Accounting Software FAQ

1. Is there any trial version?

We can install free 30 days trial version or 500 transactions whichever come first, without any obligation from you.

2. How many company can UBS Accounting software support?

You may create un-limited companies for UBS Accounting full version and 2 companies for UBS One Accounting

3. Is the software license lifetime?

Software license is valid for lifetime but bear in mind that some old UBS versions may not compatible with new MS Window version.

4. What is Access Cover (Sage Cover)?

Optional yearly Access Cover subscription is for user to enjoy free upgrade and other benefits. 1st year Access Cover is free.

5. What if I do not renew Access Cover?

If you do not renew Access Cover, you still can use the software existing version forever without upgrade.

6. What do you mean by single user?

Single User can only be installed to one PC or laptop. You can purchase additional concurrent user for Local Network User

7. Does UBS Accounting support cloud?

UBS Accounting Software is a desktop on-premises Window application but we can host it on cloud with a yearly fee allowing remote access from anywhere, anytime.

8. What is a mobile license?

Free mobile license for valid Access Cover allows user to temporary transfer license from office PC to home laptop or vice versa.

9. What is an International Version?

International Version based currency is open to any currencies, thus allowing user to use in foreign country.

10. Do you provide training and assistance whenever we encounter issues?

We do provide on-site or online training by experience consultant and support maintenance contract for a fee.

11. Can I transfer license to another PC or laptop?

You can transfer license from one PC or laptop to another in 2 ways namely:-
a. De-activate exiting PC and re-activate new PC anytime by yourself within minutes if existing PC still intact.
b. Re-issue license with filled-in form forwarded to our principal to manually de-activate license within 4 office hours.

Both methods entitle free 3 times per year for valid Access Cover and one time for expired Access Cover less than 4 years. Admin charges will be impose for additional transfer. Access Cover expired more than 4 years require upgrade with a fee to transfer license.