UBS BSM Software

The essential property management tool, saves time, cost, labour and promote accuracy in a paperless office environment.

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What’s in UBS BSM System

Owner & Property Maintenance
Generate Reminder Letter
Facility Booking & Service 
One-Click Generate Monthly Invoicing
Payment Collection
Transaction Monitoring
One-Click Late Interest Charges
Sync with UBS Accounting
Bad Debt Maintenance
Renovation, Rental, Card Deposit
Tenant Maintenance
Water, Gas Meter Billing

Trouble-free managing  Maintenance fee and Payment



For JMB, JMC, MC Billing & Payment


Proven by > 3,000 users


Recuring bill in a click

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What’s in UBS BSM Software?

Fully integrated with UBS Accounting Software

  • Owner
  • Property
  • Tenant
  • Vendor

  • Maintenance Fee
  • Sinking Fund
  • Water
  • Rental

  • Official Receipt
  • Late Charges
  • Post to Accounting

Reports :-


  • Invoice list
  • Payment list
  • Deposit payment list
  • Late charges list
  • Project Status
  • Property Listing
  • Property Transfer Listing
  • Property Owners Listing
  • Outstanding invoice and interest
  • Owner aging
  • Bad debt listing
  • Financial / Insurance / Solicitors details
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