Fingertec Face ID

It’s not a mirror, it’s a Face Recognition Terminal

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Digitization of Fingertec Face ID

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Convenience and User-Friendly 

Face ID provides a convenient way for users to unlock devices or authenticate without the need for physical contact. The user simply needs to look at the device, and if the facial recognition is successful, access is granted.

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Enhanced Security

It uses a complex system of sensors and create a detailed 3D map of the user’s face, making it difficult for unauthorized access or using a photograph. The technology adapts to the user’s is less susceptible to false positive.

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Versatility and Integration

Face ID seamlessly integrated into various applications and services for authentication and security. It is commonly used for unlocking smartphones, authorizing apps, making payments and accessing sensitive information.


Powerful Face ID Terminal from Fingertec

Face ID 6

  • Time Attendance
  • Door access system
  • Face recognition with Mask

Face ID 5

  • Time Attendance
  • Door access system
  • Latest AI Facial ID

Face ID 4

  • Time attendance system
  • Face ID contactless
  • Support RFID, MiFare

Face ID 2

  • Time attendance system
  • Door access system
  • 2-in-1 Face & Fingerprint ID


Clearest Choice of Face ID Access Device

Latest AI Face ID Technology
Large Capacity up
to 6,000 face
Verify with Mask for
Face ID 5, 6
Speedy and acurate Verification
Touch-less face
Fever Detection with temperature 
preventing crimes
Efficient Data