UBS Payroll

As a leading Asia payroll provider with over 30 years of product development, we deliver compliant, intuitive, and extensible software that supports a diverse range of business structures

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What’s in UBS Payroll Software

Stay compliant

Payroll stays compliant with EPF, SOCSO, EIS, and LHDN requirements by updating.

Pay employees on time

Track & manage each employee’s pay while computing bonus and incentives.

Analyse your payroll

Harness the power of Access Analytics for insights on your workforce and payroll.

Enable flexible payroll

Access UBS Payroll’s mobile license feature enables users to access the system.

Manage companies

Set up multiple companies within your organisation and manage payroll.

Integrate with UBS

Seamlessly integrate your Access UBS Payroll data with Access UBS Accounting.

HRMS capabilities

Employees easily request leave and submit claims. Appraisals streamlined with the HRMS.

Store employee records

Centralise employee data – number id, personal information, salary, EPF contribution and more.

What’s in UBS Payroll?

Fully integrated with UBS Accounting Software. Secure your employee data appraisals, leaves, absences, holidays, job, and salary history in one place..

  • 1st & 2nd half 
  • Payslip formats
  • Email Payslip
  • Mgmt Report
  • Bonus, Loan
  • Advance, OT
  • Leave
  • Training
  • Appraisal
  • Employees info
  • EPF
  • Socso
  • EIS
  • PCB
  • HRDF
  • Zakat


The employee management feature enables users to easily add, delete or make changes to employee records. Employee information can also be accessed quickly with the search tool which allows employees to be searched by name, department or job title.


Process payroll efficiently and accurately. The entire payroll process – data preparation, payroll processing, report generation, and payslip printing – can be completed end-to-end within a single screen.


Retrieve payroll information easily with Access UBS Payroll’s report feature. Employee, payroll, statutory and bank reports are grouped and centralised, enabling users to access the required information conveniently.


Access UBS Payroll’s data integration capabilities enable data to be easily imported for payroll processing. Payroll information can also be posted seamlessly to Access UBS Accounting.

Data Management

Manage your company’s payroll data with ease. Configure payroll data, perform data checks and maintain payroll categories easily with Access UBS Payroll’s Data Management functionalities.


Leverage the Settings function in Access UBS Payroll for greater security and user control. You can also change payroll and bank settings to align with your company’s requirements.

Payroll Training Courses

Access Payroll training courses are facilitated by product experts and experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge in software implementation and best industry practices. Expand your knowledge base and advance your skills by attending yearly workshops or webinar sessions.

Harness the power of Access UBS Payroll now


  • Quick and easy setup
    The installation process for Access UBS Payroll is simple. Set-up wizards and built-in help centre features are also available to guide users during installation.
  • Expert help and support
    Though Access UBS Payroll is an easy-to-use solution, we understand you might need a helping hand now and then. Our customer support team are on-hand to assist you via phone or email.

UBS Payroll Software Matrix

Access UBS Payroll Software FAQ

1. Is there any trial version?
We can install free 30 days trial version or 500 transactions whichever come first, without any obligation from you.

2. How many company can UBS Payroll software support?
You may create un-limited companies for all UBS Payroll software.

3. Is the software license lifetime?
Software license is valid for lifetime but bear in mind that some old UBS versions may not compatible with new MS Window version.

4. What is Access Cover (Sage Cover)?
Optional yearly Access Cover subscription is for user to enjoy free upgrade and other benefits. 1st year Access Cover is free.

5. What if I do not renew Access Cover?
If you do not renew Access Cover, you still can use the software existing version forever without upgrade.

6. What do you mean by single user?
Single User can only be installed to one PC or laptop. You can purchase additional concurrent user for Local Network User

7. Does UBS Payroll support cloud?
UBS Payroll Software is a desktop on-premises Window application but we can host it on cloud with a yearly fee allowing remote access from anywhere, anytime.

8. What is a mobile license?
Free mobile license for valid Access Cover allows user to temporary transfer license from office PC to home laptop or vice versa.

9. What is the different between Payroll 15, 30, 60, 100, 150 and Premium?
Payroll 15 limited to 15 employees per company, 30 limited to 30 employees and so on while Payroll Premium support unlimited emloyees.

10. Do you provide training and assistance whenever we encounter issues?
We do provide on-site or online training by experience consultant and support maintenance contract for a fee.

11. Can I transfer license to another PC or laptop?
You can transfer license from one PC or laptop to another in 2 ways namely:-
a. De-activate exiting PC and re-activate new PC anytime by yourself within minutes if existing PC still intact.
b. Re-issue license with filled-in form forwarded to our principal to manually de-activate license within 4 office hours.

Both methods entitle free 3 times per year for valid Access Cover and one time for expired Access Cover less than 4 years. Admin charges will be impose for additional transfer. Access Cover expired more than 4 years require upgrade with a fee to transfer license.